Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good Reads: Revive Your Mind.

The art of borrowing from the library, is a lost one. It occurred to me, struggling to push a book into a resistant shelf, that I spend WAY too much money on literature. Today, my library card--dead since 2001--was revived. Here are the books I was headed to Barnes & Noble to buy, that are now under my reign for the next two weeks:

I look forward to devouring them. A biography and a compilation of truths from two of my idols. These are both fairly new books and this proves that all the books in the library aren't dogeared and plagued with dust. Let go of the stereotype. Revive the plastic that unfolds worlds for you.


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Veronica said...

my library card has been dead since 05 :-( when I was in Cali...that old thing is still in my wallet :-/ maybe i should go and get one for my east coast home now...