Friday, January 14, 2011

Poem: "LIRR" (Circa 2007)

Jamaica Station,
LIRR's pass frequently

the wee hours of morning have me waiting
they squeal past less then

scarcity forces the redemption of memories

it was HERE
first and last
kisses were stolen
wanting him to love me's
hearts fragile and broken
poetry written

we made QUEENS
the halfway
the meetup
the boroughs and the burbs

had a thing for city boys
it was HER(E),
Darren promised a till next time
Vinny promised to change

where we cut school,
held hands
with Jameel White:
ashamed to be seen with anyone
more intimidating than he

there was...

magic in these tracks...

Vinny called the morning after,
said he wanted to be a "new man"

that sometimes
I made him feel like one

thought we could make IT work
wanted something solid,
not just the LIQUID that had been running through his fingers

I'd ceased to remember
trains ALWAYS move on to the next stop
like little boys to the next toy
dogs to the next hydrant
God to the next human

I'm just asking that he (God)
craft "them" long and lean
so that they fill all the platform
sturdy as the subway posts (to lean on)
with spark and inguinuity
like the third rail

the ability to rest at the train yard
when their time is up
and stopping
less frequently.