Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Reads: The Other Teachers in the Staff Lounge Think I’m Nuts

So what? I sit with a different book through lunch everyday. The meddling T.A. from a table over asks, “Is that a new book? You were just starting another one yesterday! Did you even finish it?” I slowly peered over the pages of my newest treat and said, “I read books on a rotating basis. It helps me retain information better.” Instead of understanding, or pretending to, that everyone’s mind works differently, she shrugged and crammed her clam chowder into her too excited yappers.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this tactic before, and you may have noted it to be a bit odd then. However, I’m a bookaholic and I refuse to apologize for it. I cram a ton of texts in my noggin at one time; some fiction, some factual, and most memoir-like. Right now I’m on my essay and memoir kick and I wanted to share some of my constantly revolving picks with you:


PS- I now write for Edge Magazine Online! Check out my Valentine's issue piece on chivalry here.