Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Reads: Strange Fruit

About six years back, a few Hamptonians started something epic at Hampton University. It was a multicultural/multifaceted event that only happened one day a year, in February. Black History Month, for four out of those six years, has been riddled with practices, memorization and most importantly companionship.

On the one year my class load was too heavy to bear, I dropped the event. It was during this year that the key poetic players of the university bonded and formed "The Left Side Poets." (They all sat on the left side of Ogden Hall's auditorium during practice.) Having known most of these poets during their tenure at Hampton, I didn't feel as though I missed a beat.

Boy was I wrong.

Upon attending the event, I noticed a powerful chemistry radiating from the stage and was in awe at pieces I'd never heard before. I was immediately vexed at myself for not partaking that year, however all that has come to pass with the milestone the group has recently encountered.

The group is releasing a book entitled "Strange Fruit." With monopoly like art that correlates to each author, the book takes you through a mini-journey of each poet's work. Covering everything from not-dating-barbies, revolution, Virginia trees and group pieces that pay homage to the group; it's definitely worth the gander.

The official launch party is on July 9th in DC at the Tabaq Lounge, where I'll be FINALLY performing alongside the authors and giving away some free work!

I will provide more information on how to purchase the book/attend the event, when the time comes. In the meantime, grab your updates here.


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