Thursday, July 21, 2011

the dare project.

I owe my unborn daughter these stories. I want to write the vulnerable things. I want to be able to cry in front of a paper and a pen. Let’s write that quiet, the quiet that breaks bonds and echoes through the ears of the children yet to come. I owe my unborn daughter these stories. Dare me.

Saddened that I’ve rarely updated my blog or written anything I’m passionate about in the past few weeks, I turned to a friend for help. She snickered at my despair. Eventually she said something I should’ve realized a long time ago, “Of course you don’t have the zest to write! It’s your job. You write poetry, novels, articles, blog posts and you teach writing at the same time. Writing has probably become a chore for you.” I had my chest all puffed up, ready to spout denial and an undying love for my craft when I realized she was absolutely right. Writing had become a chore for me.

Today on my lunch break, I glanced over my free writes from my VONA experience. I found a few pieces where I was almost successful in being completely vulnerable. These works were completely out of my usual literary parameters. Taking a quick glance at a multitude of things that I wouldn’t have dared publish or say out loud, I felt the passion for the written word suddenly flood me.

& then it came to me….
What if writers, of all kinds, broke their style/regimen/genre for a few days a year?
Things that I’ve never dared/cared to take a crack at:
-Humourous Fiction
-Extremely vulnerable literature
-Science Fiction
…and so much more.

For ten straight days, I’m going to write something that I wouldn’t have dared before. I challenge all writers that read this blog to do the same. I'll also post all ten pieces here. Let’s step outside of our realm. I’m looking forward to telling my daughter these stories. I will save them for the questions that will sprout from her lips. I hope they will prompt stemmed thoughts and a garden of a mind.

I ask all of you to bloom. I dare you.


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