Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reading F.L.O.W.: A Gift and a Gander

On my mother’s birthday every year, she gives ME a gift because she says I was her ultimate present. Yeah, she’s awesome, I know. This year she gave me Walter Mosley’s novel “White Butterfly.” She knows I adore him and Mr. Easy Rawlings.

I also came across Colson Whitehead’s “Sag Harbor” and almost fainted. I enjoyed his book “The Intuitionist” during English thesis in undergrad and had no clue he had any other texts. I know, shame on me. He also has a new book out called, “Zone One.”

Also, there are so many dope literary things happening this weekend/upcoming week. Don’t say I never gave you anything:

A) The Brooklyn Book Festival goes down this weekend. Come through for features from people like Terry McMillan, Jacqueline Woodson, Walter Mosley, Colson Whitehead, Joyce Carol Oates and many more. Find out more info here.

B) Toure is having a book signing in NYC on Monday. He’ll be reading from his new book “Who’s Afraid of Post Blackness?” & having a panel discussion with Nelson George and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. More info here.

Until these awesome events happen, check out my new books’ synopses:

Listen to Colson talk about “Sag Harbor” here.
Read about Mr. Mosley’s book here.