Thursday, September 1, 2011

Setting Sail.

What’s going on readers? I’m here as promised. It’s a tad bit later than I planned on but here nonetheless. This fall, I’ve made a promise to myself to keep my blog updated. I’ve forced myself to revamp, rebuild and create a schedule; just for you. The procrastinator inside of me is pissed, but she’ll just have to deal.

I’m currently holding two teaching jobs, working on the second draft of my book, booking show dates and freelancing. As you can see, I’ve got my hands full. As full as they may be, I just can’t let go of my baby. (

With that said…

For the first week after re-launch, I’ll follow an irregular schedule. I want to flood the site with good content, so everyone can adjust to the new formats. From this Thursday to the next one, I’ll post something new every day in each of what will be consistent categories. Those include, but are not limited to:

Reading Flow: I’ll post short reviews/synopsis’ of the books I’m reading for the week. Don’t expect to find any Zane, romance, Tila Tequila or Snooki books here. Just sayin’.

Memoir/Short Story Thursdays: Self-Explanatory.

The F.L.O.W. (For Love of Words) List: All things literary and not-so-literary in one cute list.

Writing Advice: You’ll get to hear my frustrations of the writing process and who’s helping and who’s hurting. Oh yeah, I’ll throw some advice in there too.

Relationships: I’m currently in one, so this season’s pieces might be more-so pro love/men this year. *fingers crossed*

B.W.T.A.: Bloggers/Writers Worth Talking About. Once a month you’ll find interviews, book reviews or biographies of some of the writers/bloggers I admire.

These are just some of the categories. There’ll of course be poetry, vents, ramble and random pictures of new journals. Don’t judge me; I’m still fighting the disease. They haven’t found a cure yet.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys.


Ciara said...

Love to see that you are back... Now if I can only get in the mood to get back at it... :]

Veronica said...

Great! I love the new look! Cant wait to see what's in store.