Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 Things That I've Been Ruminating.

Frida, freedom.
Brownstone Brunching. 
Late nights, Early mornings. 
  • Briana McCarthy's
  • artwork. I know I've mentioned her before, I must do it again. I move to Brooklyn this week and I'm considering buying a piece of hers for my humble abode. 
  • My Frida Kahlo Post-Its that adorn my planner when it's bereft of room. 
  • The Sistah Friends Project: A not for profit that re-imagines, re-politicizes, and re-contextualizes the black woman through self portraiture & oral narrative. They threw an amazing Sunday brunch in a beautiful brownstone in Harlem. We even got to snap self portraits of ourselves to take home. Like minded and brave sistahs everywhere. Bliss. 
  • The National Black Writer's Conference: For the last six years, occurring every two years, I haven't missed one panel at this splendid event. It takes place at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, NY & this year's honorees include Nikki Giovanni, Ishmael Reed, Ngugi wa' Thiong'o & Dr. Howard Dodson. It starts this Thursday. 
  • Princeton University's Hip-Hop Art & Life Symposium "Watch the Throne." This event is also this weekend on Saturday. The keynote speaker this year is 
  • Dream Hampton. Register here
  • Trayvon Martin. I feared writing a blog on this topic, afraid I might wither the electricity of my laptop with my tears. Union Square was illuminated, let's get the world that way. If you don't know yet...learn
  • Staying up late to work on my not for profit. I'm not ready to release details, but I promise it's something that will be worthwhile. Right now, I'm reading 
  • Paul Tough's "Whatever it Takes", inspired by my boss' work, to inspire me. 
  • Finally having the energy to write on this blog once again. Yeah, I'm back.