Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekend Links: Sunshine.

here are a few things that made me absolutely giddy!

one & two: blue and I had a work/bestie meeting at tribeca's "kitchenette." the food was scrumptious and they served us lemonade/water from mason jars. i've been quite obsessed with mason jars lately.

three: my favorite magazine subscriptions have arrived! oprah's magazine has an awesome article by aimee bender on writer's regimens. you can find the writer's contract, from the article, here.

four: my current read (The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates) & my next read (Wild by Cheryl Strayed). 

five: this awesome polka dot dress & bracelet that made me swoon.

oh! & i found a few new blogs/sites to stalk:

happy saturday!