Sunday, July 15, 2012

I know, I know. It's been a while.

I'm in the midst of starting a recipe blog, pitching magazines, and crafting for other sites. (<----Read some stuff here.) This week was amazing: Coney Island, mad dashes to Harlem, the start of my student's summer  program, and new journals.

It's bittersweet.

I adore this blog. I'd love to keep it updated daily, but I'd be lying to myself. I'm getting great at crafting editorial schedules for my other writing duties, but often my creativity crashes when I'm getting ready to update this site. I've always been selfish about my page. Tons of friends & fellow writers have asked for features & to assist with updates, but I'm a perfectionist. I don't necessarily agree that our writing/formatting styles are cohesive.

However, I've got one friend that's honest with his pen. One scribe that I wholeheartedly trust. After a twelve hour work day and two pieces written with the illumination of my MacBook, I'd had enough. Thus, I've brought on a co-writer. Ron, an extraordinary scriptwriter, poet, and journalist will be writing a Monday post every week. This is usually the day I post writing advice.

The segment will be called...*drum roll please*: The Arranged Marriage: I Didn't Choose Writing, Writing Chose Me. Check out Ronald's bio here & look forward to his first post on Monday!

P.S. If you want the recipe for the Peaches & Cream Stuffed French Toast visit "A Beautiful Mess."  It was absolutely delicious!