Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Tell a Writer is in Love With You (A Poem).

Your hands will turn to metaphor,
adjectives will crawl on your skin and beckon your attention.

Your lips will pulsate,
as if the myth of itching 
when being spoken about
applies when someone is thinking
or writing
about kissing you.

Open mic poems will suddenly resonate
and everything literary will suddenly remind you
of a significant other.

You will be more careful about your actions
realizing that someone might make them permanent.

Suddenly, you're a chapter,
a notion,
blotted ink,
a eulogy
instead of confusion,
or a broken soul.

I can't promise that you won't become the sum
when you're no longer a muse,
but I can promise this...

Your text messages will read like water.
The tempo of our vernacular will flood your spine.
Pick-up lines will turn neo-soul sonnets.
Emails will be saved indefinitely.

God forbid we use the pen.
A love letter or 
symphony of words 
wrapped in an envelope or palm.

The script will devour your cerebral.
A fire blazing bright.

It will amaze you that someone could elaborate your heart, 
so damn well.

& although we might leave,
where shattered hearts lay,

we promise immortality to all who've dared to adore us.