Monday, December 31, 2012

Best Flows of 2012

a day in the freelance office...
It's that time again...

This year was a busy one. I took on a ton of freelance projects and in my absence I compiled huge lists and advice, sporadically, for my loyal readers. I was also featured on a ton of sites that I was only a reader of, just the year before. Last year, my resolution was to publish my book, but I didn't fulfill it. However, I'm mighty close. I plan to conquer 2013, in the mightiest way.

Here are the most viewed posts of 2012:

10) "Settle into your book. Realize that your protagonist is you, after you just wrote in the most traumatic experience of your life and attributed it to her history. Cry. Cry some more. That’s what writing is for. Healing." -The Ten Stages of Novel Writing

9) "When the people, who look down upon liberal arts, creative prose and English, think of us, they picture hermits who’ve chosen to crouch over laptops and blue lines for the duration of their lifetime. This is no chosen profession. It starts a small notion. It’s the butterfly in the pit of your stomach when your first crush notices you exist. It’s the moment where we muster up the courage to pass him a note with yes and maybe boxes."  -Notions: The Suppressed Writer

8) "And of course I stayed, like the young fool I was. Back then levels meant something. I was too immature to realize that every notch had its glory and consequence. If I was going to lay down with someone—I better be damn sure I could see him as a father. Accidents happen. If I was going to date someone—he better be worthy enough to bring home. Parents ask questions. Every level has a consequence." -Dating Someone Outside of my Faith (TheGrio/MadameNoire)

7) "I wrote every morning and night diligently. (Well except for the nights I was dog-tired.) I spilled things I’d never spoke out loud or crushed when they’d crossed my mind. I delved into crafts I’d always admired, but feared I wouldn’t be capable of. I purged myself of “friends” who were bereft of sacrifice and compassion. I took on new assignments with my freelance and I’m lending my wisdom one article at a time. I fell in love again, reminding myself why my significant other was symmetry. I basked in happiness and learned to overcome things that used to sink deep into the crevices of my easily fragmented heart." -25 Things I Know, Now That I'm 25

6) "I’m sorry to disappoint you, but no one has the formula to your relationship’s success. The recipe for an immortal love lies within the bravery of taking the relationship on, substituting ingredients that don’t necessarily work for the both of you, and stirring your tribulations one turn at a time. Ignore the articles and statistics and follow what your mind and soul request. Our intuition is strong; stop denying it when it clings to your heart in the morning. Deep down we know when we’re truly appreciated and loved. Good luck on your distinctive unification. It might be a match made in heaven, but not even the angels can tell you how to love. Everything depends on the two of you." -There Are No Real Relationship Experts...

5) "Often in the music, entertainment, and other nonconformist industries; women destroy their possible partnerships and networking opportunities in the blink of an eye. I’ve witnessed female emcees come to the studio to record, only to get drunk and high in the midst and embarrass themselves. I’ve sat with actresses who’ve used their flirtatious performing finesse to get over on their colleagues, ended up in bed with them, and wondered why they didn’t get the role. I’ve shaken my head at entertainers who were so mesmerized by someone of higher industry caliber that they gave everything away, just to say that they were once a piece of this person’s life." -Women in the Workplace, Using Your Mind & Not Your Body to Get Ahead (Black Enterprise/MadameNoire)

4)  "Each time a writer sits down to pen something, it is a learning experience. No one ever masters writing. But they can master their own creative process. What is it that they need in order to be at their best." This year I introduced a new column here, by a good friend of mine. His writer's block piece was one of the most viewed pieces on the website, this year.

3) "I love you like our first Christmas tree. I love you like little girls who pray that they’ll one day end up with clones like their fathers. I love you like watching that clone sit across from his reflection, laughing and comparing notes on last night’s game. I love you like opened car doors and pulled out chairs. I love you like waiting in a green dress, with my mother, in the living room." -The Late Valentines Day Post

2) One of the most viewed posts this year was a list of 100 books that every black (insert you here should read). It's great to know that I had a ton of fellow bibliophiles visit!

1) & for the number one post of this year...DRUMROLL PLEASE: "If you’re in college, newly graduated, or you’ve just started settling into your career; you can’t possibly give a woman the world. However, you can bring her into your own and pamper her to the best of your ability. Any woman, who doesn’t appreciate time and effort and is angry at the absence of Le-Fancy-Food-On-The-Pier, every time you go out, isn’t worth your time. These women are gold-diggers or watch too many movies. With that said, here are twenty-five inexpensive dates for the brother who isn’t trying to break the bank." I hope I helped a couple of fellas find love in 2012.

Here are my 2013 resolutions: 

  • The repeat offender...publish my book.
  • Shake off some of this weight.
  • Cook more often, post it ALL on my hobby blog.
  • Save, save, save.
  • Take on a few writing retreats.
  • Take better care of myself. Emotionally, physically.
  • Love harder, than ever before. Trust often.
Hold me to it.