Friday, February 22, 2013's First Monthly Write-In

I’ve always wanted to connect with other writers, to find others who adore the pen and page, just as much as I do. I set out on mission: I researched spoken word and found a teenage poetry slam that brought together youth that loved the magic within a microphone. During college, I found writers of all genres, through performance and common interest classes. After I graduated, I entered a world of writers that unfolded all sorts of inspiration within me.

However, I could never find them all in one place.

I joined a myriad of writing groups; some who were elitists and didn’t allow certain genres, others folks who were just beginning to write, seeking criticism and refusing to give any, and circles with people old enough to be my grandparents.

It seemed that women, like me, inclined to scribe during the wee hours and grasping for the pinnacle of their careers didn't know or care for these outings.

After going to a writer’s workshop, that wasn’t all that helpful, with a friend who was seeking the same thing as I, she came to conclusion of something that should’ve been apparent to me a long time ago.

“Well, since you know so many writers from all these different genres, why don’t you bring them all together?”

& Voila! The write-in was born. I secured a small space and decided that I could fit fifteen girls in it, comfortably, so they could express anything their heart desired. After shooting out a flyer, I received over forty emails, but I couldn’t choose them all. However, it did let me know that there was a need for something like this. 

I chose girls that were serious about their work, inexperienced and experienced, those that showed a sincere passion for their future in the writing world. The girls came in all different shapes and sizes: stanza, script, paragraph and line. They introduced themselves shyly or with giggles abundant and spilled stories that flooded the room with reflection.

We engaged in a prompts and pieces that defined us. After retreating to silent nooks, laptops on legs, Moleskins on tables, and iPhones clicking under thumbs, we came back together to share. 

With our bellies full and spirits high, the songwriters, poets, authors, scriptwriters, and journal keepers filled the room with words and melody. One by one they stood and amazed us.

Lost love.

Fear of giving too much of yourself.

How do I tell a brother who’s already had an orgasm that I still need mine?

How do I make my boy into a man?

There is enchantment within inspiration that knows no boundaries. When femininity is given a circle of onlookers, who’ve left judgment behind, they will bare all. I went home with my mind running rampant with ideas, as I’m sure the rest of the circle and I absolutely cannot wait until we meet again.

Our two awesome photographers (IG: @mrrichcity & @sir_morgan ) buzzed about us, so I could share this moment with you. Besides our words, we had a cupcake bar (one where you could build your own creation), gifted journals and thank you notes.

I want to do this every month, but until I get a bigger space, I’ll only be able to invite a few writers. I’ll try to add new women every time. If you would like to take part in something that is abundant, with people who speak in the tongues you admire and you're willing to share too, let us know. Sign up below, we'll keep you updated. 

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