Monday, December 30, 2013

Best Flows of 2013.

2013, you are one bad mamma jamma.

This year took the cake on revolution. I was in and out of love, I went to Brown University for an amazing workshop, I was a part of the Upworthy empire, I got promoted at my work, and I finally finished several writing projects I've been working on for years. I'm going to buy a bottle of wine, from this year, and save it for my fortieth birthday. I want to pull that sucker out and say "Mmmm, 2013 was a good year" and mean it! Last year, I said I'd conquer 2013. By George, I've done it. 

Here are the most viewed posts of 2013: 
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 10) "We leave pieces. We are jigsaw mouths and hearts waiting to collide with someone else’s resilience. We should take time to remember that each time we give advice; each time we make an utterance that’s geared towards another’s life. Sometimes karma is late and/or wearing different clothing, but she’s beautiful nonetheless. Those pieces, we leave, come back to us in the shape of stories, memories, and fruition.
They will evolve you, just as they did your listener, at a later date. Be sure to leave fragments of yourself worth finding again. When we leave shattered glass, someone is bound to get cut, and sometimes you forget you’ve broken something and you wound yourself on your own disarray. But if you leave whispers, songs, and strengths, they will come back to you ten fold and you’ll be rewarded by your own choruses." ---Pieces

9) Yes. Sometimes you’re cultivating a significant other for someone else, but the process is also cultivating you. You’re becoming resilient, magnificent, and cognizant of your worth. You become aware of what you spend your time putting your all into. You become a bullshit detector and deflector of manipulation. You become all the potential he could’ve been-would’ve been-will probably be.---Sometimes You're Cultivating a Significant Other For Someone Else

8) "Revivals do not come in the form of open mouths and flowers. They are already within you. You are everything you need.
Once I realized this, I was alive. I rose with the sun and set out for purpose, my intentions bereaved of the opposite sex. I was more than a journal filled with words for men who didn’t deserve them.

& in the midst…of finding,learning,and trusting…

My oasis arrived, as will yours.

Don’t become a drought, praying for rain. Cascade on yourself and soak in the fact that loving ones self is bigger and better than any adoration waiting for you, on the outside." --Jezebel, You Are No Whore

7) "There will be secrets, at first. Slowly things will begin to unravel and it’s your choice on whether you want to stay when you discover them. However, listen to all that surrounds the undisclosed. Our partners will surprise us with stories from their past that’ll redefine the respect we have for their triumph." --14 Things I Know About Love Thus Far 

6) "He sat across from me, without a word. I waited for him to pull his finance book from his backpack, but he looked at me straight on instead with a smirk painted across the canvass he called a face.
Sit up straight and stare back.Relentlessly.There is nothing to be afraid of.You are loved and wanted.You are everything to someone.You are no one’s puddle and quiver.Dare him to speak, with your eyes." --Intentionally (Short Story, Part 2) 

5) "A few years ago I met Asante, after he spoke at the Schomburg. After the reading and the signing of our books, a few of my friends and I were given the opportunity to have lunch with him. Asante spoiled us with synopses of what he was working on and conversation that could have only been cultivated by a man who’d devoured the world hungrily. I stood in awe at our comrade, who was only 27 at the time, and I wondered how someone so young could’ve gained so much, so quickly." --Book Review: "Buck" By M.K. Asante

4) "I was a sucker for Matilda, back in the day. I was fascinated with Harriet the Spy, Hermoine (Harry Potter), and Sydney Shaw (Brown Sugar). From the age of ten, I’ve always been riveted by the introverted heroine. I identified with their adventure and aspiration, which sparked within their minds and homes. They were women who were content with mountains of books, pens, paper, and finding love in the strangest places. " --Year of the Introvert

3) "Although I hadn’t run away, although the discontent of my imaginative undertakings weren’t as strong as young Basquiat’s, I understood his constant need for approval. I ran with plenty a story, to my nodding, but never too excited father. In fact, to this day, I still load his email with my oeuvre. My parents juggled the notion, of other professions for me, while I grew into a writer, right before their eyes. 
How could I have not been a writer? My mother read me Langston and Zora. My father, poetry his hobby, read his words aloud for us all to hear. My house was filled with the most amazing books, my mother’s J. California Cooper collection and my father’s obsession, several copies of the “I Am The Darker Brother” anthology. How could they have expected anything else?"--Paying Homage to Basquiat

2) "Prince Charming does not wear riding boots and hand out happily-ever-after. Prince Charming knows that you should eat your vegetables. He knows what’s good for you and is sure to have you choose the road Robert Frost speaks of. Prince Charming rocks Levis 511s and New Balances, he speaks with a southern drawl, and he is sometimes just the prototype.
Often we’re sent someone to show us what it looks like. No you cannot keep them, but you can preserve the memory of their almost-perfection. Use it to help you raise your standards and sculpt your ideal. Allow them to be the beginning of your love story. It all began when he taught me…" ---This is How You Lose Him 

1) "Our fathers thou art in fitted caps and business suits. Hallowed be thy gestures. Thy palace is a two-story-house-apartment-complex-back-of-a-car-homeless-shelter and we will appreciate everything you do, in efforts to maintain home in our hearts. Thy efforts aren’t futile and we will one day come to understand each and every one of them. Give us this day our daily bread:Child support, college application fees, new kicks, date night money (just in case homeboy doesn’t mind his manners), and those months we fall behind.

And forgive us when we forget to thank you.
Forgive us when we turn around and disrespect the men who’ve done nothing but be there for us.
Forgive us for loving foolishly.
Forgive us for inerasable mistakes.
Lead us…everywhere, for we are never too old to succumb to wisdom.
Deliver us from hating ourselves and the world that so often encourages us to.

Instruct us."

Here are my resolutions for 2014:
  • Publish like crazy. 
  • Have several write-ins. 
  • Hire an intern/assistant. 
  • Save.
  • Pray like hell that I don't lose faith...

Keeping it simple. Happy Holidays.


Hi Everyone! In honor of the New Year, and my new dating series, I’d like to do a giveaway! It’s my VERY first and I really hope you’ll all participate. I want to hear YOUR greatest dating experience. I don’t care what vein you write it in: humorous, dramatic, romantic, or action-packed. I’m looking forward to reading it! I’ll be giving away a writer’s package filled with all the things I can’t live without, when scribing: moleskins, my favorite pens, coffees, teas, a mug, and a special surprise that I’ll be releasing in January. However, I’ll also be giving away the chance to feature your dating story, right here on!

Here’s what you have to do to get in on the fun!

1)   Link your favorite post, from 2013, in your FB status or Twitter update, and tag/mention my (personal Facebook), ( Facebook page), or @Rivaflowz.
2)   Send me your dating experience—that you’d like to see posted on Send to, subject should be “In The Meantime.”

Deadline: CLOSED.

Looking forward to picking a winner! Thanks for reading. There’s a lot in store!