Wednesday, April 2, 2014

There's More Than Fairy Dust In My Bag.

My friends always raise their eyebrows, when they spy my work/weekend bag thrown over my shoulder. They're quite uneasy about how heavy it is. Actually, they should be. I carry way too much stuff. What you'll see here is a toned down version of what I used to lug around. Imagine that. Yeah.

I have this need to have everything on me, especially as a writer/blogger/educator. I feel naked when I don't have something to write on, things to plan with, and something to create the final draft. If you couldn't tell that I was on my 'Superwoman', you would only have to search my purse. 

My roommate and I have a mutual friend who phoned yesterday. Having only moved in two weeks ago, my roommate expressed that she finally got to witness my superhuman in action and still couldn't fathom how I did it.

Well she should know...It's all in my bag. Here are the things I must ABSOLUTELY have throughout the day. 

1) My laptop/iPad. Frida always has priority. I never know when an editor will need me to cover something or when I'll get an urge to finalize the edits on something I've been working on. I've been known to jump off the orange line, headed home, just to nestle into a corner of the Midtown New York Public Library and fine tune my novel. 

2) Phones. I always have my work issued Blackberry and iPhone (not pictured, because it took the photos) on me. I need to be ready for work crises and social media domination, at all times. 

3) Lucky Charm. If you've seen pictures of my home or office space, on this blog, you'll know that I have a serious love affair with elephants. They're everywhere. I truly believe that, alongside God, they're responsible for my blessings. 

4) Business Cards. I'm usually prepared for networking opportunities. These are thrown into my bag, before any major social event. However, I've been in random conversation while commuting or I'll meet someone in an unexpected place. I realized that I always need my cards. I always keep a stack on my person. 

5) Planner Pages. I always have my full blog schedule, ideas, and current series on me. I never miss a moment to plan. (Even though I might not always stick to the plan. Sorry.) 

6) Articles. My commute is underground, for 45 minutes, every morning. I print out anything I must absolutely read and throw it into the folder for the ride. I'm usually catching up on The New Yorker, The Atlantic, HBR and many other sites. 

7) Manuscripts and poems. Sometimes I perform right after work. (Shameless plug: I'm performing on April 16th in Brooklyn, New York.) I need to spend my lunch break memorizing and practicing pieces. I travel with my manuscripts for literary conferences. & you never know...I could met an agent/editor roaming the city. *prays on it*

8) Book of the week. Every week I'm reading something different. I used to read a nonfiction, fiction, and self-help book at once. It wasn't until zombies were learning to blog and taking long trips to Mecca, in my dreams, that I realized this wasn't the best idea. I usually finish a book within three days. Currently, I'm reading asha bandele's "The Prisoner's Wife"

9) Makeup Purse. Self explanatory. A girl has to look her best. 

10) Pens/Highlighters. I'm a sucker for Pentel RSVPs and a highlighting queen. A must. 

What's in your bag?
Hope it isn't fairy dust. 
Or it is...
Comment below!

*cues Erykah Badu's Bag Lady*