Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Flow Vol. 3

Mother's Day weekend was filled with books, laughter, love, and great food. What more could you want? Swoon. 

Finally got a chance to head over to my favorite used bookstore and grab a few titles, for my serious collection. (It's really bad now. I think I'm over 400 titles. Problem much?) I grabbed some good fiction, non-fiction, and of course something cooking oriented. Clearly I'm on a chef kick.

I cooked dinner for my grandmother and mother. I'll be posting a few of the recipes, up here, later this week. My mother was more excited about the roses than the gift I pondered relentlessly. Oh moms. 

I got to end the weekend at Barnes & Noble, with my best friend Tara and her awesome Marie Antoinette tattoo. We certainly ate cake! Double layer Hershey's Cookies & Creme to be exact! (Brag: I made it from scratch.) 

Hope your Mother's Day was a splendid one!