Thursday, June 5, 2014

Alice in Brooklyn & #RivCooks: Tea Party & Vodka Lemon Drop Cupcakes

This past weekend I decided to have a tea party, with my gals. We indulged in a variety of teas, a few pastries, and great conversation. Since we regularly have little shindigs like this, I've decided to do an Alice in Brooklyn series. In every one there'll be a recipe, DIY, or other treat! Be on the look out for bbqs, wine tastings, dinners, and more.

There was a ton of talent at the table. Iman, pictured with the long braids is a talented actress, magazine owner, and writer. Danielle is an educator and beauty blogger, with much snark. Blue is a phenomenal memoirist, poet, and arts specialist. (You can visit all three ladies, by clicking on their names.) They kept me laughing until almost midnight, on a Sunday. This is a rarity. I'm definitely an early-to-bed, these days. (When I'm not on deadline.) 

My friends and I spent a lot of time getting the backyard to look like a relaxing space. (I'll definitely have posts about our progress.) It was awesome to take pictures in a space that we beautified together. Of course the ladies came out in their best tea party threads, but my vodka lemon drop cupcakes stole the show! 

On Memorial Day, I had a gathering where folks brought a little too much vodka. I don't drink it much, but I wondered if it could go into the icing. After googling it and seeing that plenty folks tried it, I decided on it! The results were delectable! 

This is incredibly simple. Just follow the exact directions of the yellow cake mix. In addition, add 1/4 cup of lemon juice to the batter. Bake in your cupcake pans using the box directions.

For your frosting: Use lemon frosting and add 2 shots of vodka. (If frosting isn't thick enough add some powdered sugar, until thick.) Be sure to shave some lemon peel into your icing too. (About 2 tsp worth.) Stir. Put into a decorator tube, swirl on to the cupcake, and add a lemon drop as a decoration. (Oh! & the little white balls in the icing are white chocolate. Optional!)

Hope you enjoy!