Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On Being A Writer:

There was silence. The apartment we'd decorated together, filled with laughter, tears, and much more, was silent. 

One month after our breakup, I tried to fill the space with another fool. This didn't work. 


I woke up in the mornings, with a heavy on my heart. I put on my suit slowly, with something weighing me down. I swallowed sadness, during board meetings.

A few other fools came calling, during the silence. Some would get me to crack a smile, others would get me to giggle. However, they were there for all the wrong reasons. I could not find solace in words that resembled contradiction, no matter how convincing or soothing they were. 

One morning, I woke up and I wrote this. It became a mantra. I started repeating it, in my mind, as I walked to the train, as I situated myself at my desk, as I left work at dusk. 

I put my energy into my writing. I journaled my experiences dating and realized, through a conversation with a friend, that other women might benefit from my stories. I've always considered myself a semi-lifestyle blogger and a fiction writer. I'd never gone as far as to put the intricacies of my private life, on my website. However, I followed through and the response was insane. 

Hundreds of emails flooded my inbox. Women were telling me stories about their careers, loved ones, hobbies, passion, hurt, and so much more. I answered as many as I could, but EVERY woman that emailed me had the ability to do exactly what I'd done. They all had a story to tell. Their prose was powerful and relatable. 

I started putting up #ifnoonehastoldyou quotes on my IG. They were resonating and women were spreading them everywhere. It's then I realized that just like I needed a mantra, something to say over and over, other women needed one too. 

That's how was born. There are a ton of sites geared towards millennial women, but how many of them tell you the things you really need to hear? How many of the stories are written with women who've decided to open their heart and hand its lessons to you? How many aren't driven by pop culture, gossip, and other things we spend far too much time on?

I found peace in reading emails, from women who were suffering through the same plights. I wanted these women to have the same thing. I wanted women EVERYWHERE to find peace. I wanted them to have a platform.

I didn't want to give advice or preach. I wanted to share stories that resonated and yelled, "You're NOT alone."

If no one has told you, we're in this thing together. This confusing, quarter-life crisis, economy-driven, brothers-got-too-many-options thing, TOGETHER.

If you'd like to submit to the site, go here.

We welcome all stories that emphasize triumph over tribulation! Can't wait to read them. 

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