Saturday, January 3, 2015

F.L.O.W. Book Club: Fire Shut Up In My Bones

If you follow me on social media, you'll know that I'm an adamant literati. Every few days I post a book that I'm reading or flipping through. I always get a ton of requests for suggestions and I'm always happy to oblige. A few months ago, I decided to start a "book club." We were going to read Roxane Gay's "Untamed State." The book was incredible and as the day approached I was eager to discuss it. The book club date landed on the same day as a family emergency, a work emergency, and my upcoming birthday plans dissipating. Thus, the book club fell apart. 

Several women that were going to be tuned in and coming to the club bought the book and although we were not able meet I received great reviews! I was so excited that folks enjoyed the book, as much as I did. A lot of women told me that they wouldn't usually grab a book like Gay's off of the shelf, but they were so glad they did. 

& so it gave me a great idea! 

There are a few sites that I frequent that suggest a book at the start of the month. At the end of the month they reconvene on a post/comments to give their thoughts about the book. That's what we'll be doing, every month, here on!

I'd like to start with Charles Blow's memoir "Fire Shut Up In My Bones." Last fall, Blow, an incredible N.Y. Times writer, dropped an essay that had the essay lovers swooning. I knew instantly that I had to read his book and I added it to my wish list. I even bought my dad a copy, for Christmas. 

Now I'd like to read it with you! Get to your kindles, nooks, bookstores, etc. and let me know if you're down to discuss it at the end of the month, in the comments below.

Looking forward to it!

Welcome to the F.L.O.W. (For Love of Words) Book Club.


Je Tuan Jones said...

Of course I'm just purchased the book. Let's go. How will I know to come back for the discussion?

Christa said...

I'm getting the book now:)