Friday, May 15, 2015

I'm Still Looking For A Love Jones: The Playlist

So...y'all know I be jammin' when I write these series, right? Oh, you're just finding your way here? Shame on you! I've been writing dating series (narratives, not advice) for two years and I'm always in the need of motivation to get through them. Contrary to popular belief (sarcasm), it isn't easy writing about some of these things. But these ladies, below, get me through each and every installment. Ready? Oh & you might wanna get to the end of this post, because there's a very, very special announcement.

1. The Intro

"Feel Like (Love Love)" by Rapsody ft. Common

2. Exhausting the Possibilities

 "Julia" by SZA

3. Perfect Verse Over A Tight Beat

"Yoga" by Janelle Monae

4. The Promenade Effect

"If Light Escapes" by April + Vista

5. Relationship Compromise or Compromising Relationships

 "Unstoppable" by Lianne La Havas


6. Full of Hot Air

 "Here" by Alessia Cara


7. Grown Men With Curfews 

 "What Is Love" by V. Bozeman


8. Picking the Best Option

 "Extraordinary Love" by Stacy Barthe


9. Split Personalities 

 "Brand New" by Jazmine Sullivan


10. Falling Outs

"F*ck it All" by Elle Varner

The bad news: The dating series are almost over. The good news: There's an e-book! Look out for a compilation of dating essays accompanied by narratives about Brooklyn's gentrification, on July 15th!

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