Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#RivEats: Mary's Fish Camp

Yes, this is a new column. Yes, I'll try to keep this as updated as possible. Yes, sometimes I'll fall short. Yes, I started this blog with a stuntin' photo of myself. 


Now that we've got that out of the way...welcome to #riveats. It'll be a lot like #rivcooks, where I show my amateur culinary talent and has accrued 200+ photos on the hashtag on Instagram (shameless plug). However, in this column, I'll be showcasing the spots I dine in. I'm a total foodie, if you couldn't tell. I've got an affinity for plating and innovative dishes. I'm always dragging my best friend Blue to a place I've heard about or received an awesome review on. Yum! 

During my lunch break yesterday, although I truly never stop working, we went hunting for seafood. I'm a huge lobster roll fan. I had my first in Mystic, Connecticut years ago, slathered in butter, sitting on the docks, and I've been in love ever since. I've had quite a few since then, but none have ever truly compared. "The Lobster Pound" in Red Hook comes damn close. (Note to Self: Write a blog on the food of Red Hook, because...amazing.)

Mary's Fish Camp, located in cozy West Village NYC, is by far my favorite lobster roll spot. A friend of mine mentioned that they've never had a bad dish from this place and I knew I had to try it. 

The restaurant is cozy and tucked away, on a quaint corner, surrounded by residential brownstones. Hearing one of the waitresses call a man's dog by name, I know this place is a neighborhood favorite. Our waiter was relaxed, he wore a uniform tee, boater hat, and totally made us laugh when he said Red Stripe was his favorite beer. I'm Caribbean and it's rare that you find this beer outside of our establishments.

They play the classics, we heard The Temptations and Earth, Wind, and Fire, while we ate. They keep the doors open, with light A.C., giving the space the perfect airy feel. I felt like I was back on the docks, again. The checkered napkins, boat seat booths, and wooden furniture also helped too. 

Blue and I decided to start with the Fried Oysters & Clam, with a side of Fish Camp tartar sauce and finished with the Lobster Roll that came with a side of shoestring fries. The starter left a little to be desired, but the tartar sauce was incredible. I'm certainly going to try to mimic it.

However, the lobster rolls were incredible. Heavy on the lobster and just the right amount of mayo. I give it an A+.

Mary's lobster rolls are M/P (market price), we paid around $30 for the dish. This was the most expensive thing on the menu, other dishes were in between $9-$30. I think it was well worth it. 

I hear their Po' Boy is to die for, I'll most certainly be back for that. Let me know if you check them out! Oh. & you can thank Blue for most of these awesome photos and this column. It was her idea for me to share. Say: Thanks Blue!

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