Thursday, July 23, 2015

Weekend Flow: Red Hook

Hey, everyone! It's Bodeline,'s new intern.

Have you ever realized how much you may take your neighborhood, your city, for granted? I am a native New Yorker and only learned of the Empire State’s location five years ago. Even worse, I am a native Brooklynite born & raised, and I have never visited every single neighborhood. What was Williamsburg back in the day, but the setting for Betty Smith’s novel, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn?

So this summer, I promised that I would no longer leave the Brooklyn exploring to the hipsters and realtors. I decided to start a quest and "visit" my own city. This past weekend, I headed straight to uncharted waters - Red Hook, Brooklyn.

A little about Red Hook – it’s more than just the Ikea! This quaint neighborhood is quiet, giving it a very small town feel, which is what I loved. It is either residential or very industrial; old garages are now new contemporary lofts. I would recommend just walking around and getting lost, but if you are someone who needs direction, here goes:

If you’re a foodie, you've probably seen their truck at Smorgasburg at some point. And if you are at foodie level 10, like me, then you’ve tried their lobster rolls at least once. But experiencing a delicious Maine Lobster roll, with their special homemade mayo, at the restaurant is completely different. The decor: Martha’s Vineyard meets Brooklyn. Second, the menu is not as limited. Third, let’s work on sitting at the dinner table and conversing with each other instead of always being on the go. Ok? Cool.

While walking to the final destination, I made a pit stop to a chocolate factory. One less saturated than Willy Wonka’s. Cacao Prieto is a “bean-to-chocolate” bar. All the cocoa beans are derived from cocoa farms in the Dominican Republic. They churn their machines in-house and make liquors, chocolate, and even apothecary products derived from the beans. Not only does it look amazing inside, but it smells heavenly!

My very last stop was Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies. This place takes it queues from a fisherman’s boat with hooks and fishing trip photos all over the orange walls. I had the raspberry blonde swizzle (their name for the pie on a stick). These things are delicious! Perhaps it's because, according to them, they are one of the only two establishments left that use fresh squeezed lime juice for their pies.

                                                    This was definitely a day well spent!

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