Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dating Series: Looking For A Love Jones, Part 6

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"I knew you were going to leave me, the minute we got here."

I threw my coat on, "Oh come on! I'm only going to hang with him for a second. I'll be back soon. The AirBnB I reserved is fly. Go get settled and call your man."

She groaned, "Fine, but you're cooking me breakfast in the morning."

I laughed, "Sure, we'll cook together."

Ryan and I were amateur chefs. We threw down and had dinner parties, just because... (Don't believe me? Peep the hashtag #rivcooks on Instagram.)

Ryan and I parted ways, and I waited for Mason, in front of our temporary quarters. Mason pulled up, dressed in Greek paraphernalia and a smile. He parked the car, stepped out, and jogged over to give me a hug.

I embraced him, "Headed out to crash a college party?"

"Ha, funny! No, I just came from a chapter meeting."

"You couldn't just wear a button up and some jeans?"

"We're bringing in new recruits. I had to let them know."

I turned on the sarcasm and the charm, "Riggght. Where are we headed to handsome?"

He held out his hand and led the way.

We headed to a small concert venue nearby to take in some jazz and grab something to eat. Mason shook hands with the bouncer, schmoozed with the waitress, and told me all about the artists that were going to come on stage. He made me feel hip; it was clear that we were in a city that belonged to him.

The waitress came back with our drinks and asked us for our order. I was starved. I'd only had a few drinks with Ryan, but I hadn't eaten since we left NYC. 

Mason ordered first, "I'm going to have the tilapia and asparagus."

"I'll have the bacon cheeseburger with fries."

The waitress promised to be back with our order and the first band of the night got on the stage. Mason put his hand on my own, as a tenor saxophone belt out his first note.

He leaned in and whispered, "Do you need the fries?"

After texting each other all day, Ricky and I realized that we were both coming into Penn Station around the same time. 

I was ecstatic about seeing him. It had been a few weeks since our first date, and I missed him. 

I got off my train first; another text came in:

"I'm still in Jersey; we should be pulling in soon."

I found the closest Starbucks and grabbed a latte. I sipped it while waiting for the next crowd of folks to come pouring out of the Amtrak area. I hadn't checked in with Ricky after our first outing, until today. If I had, I would've realized that we were in DC at the same time.

I'd been too busy avoiding Raymond and hanging out with Travis. I would've hung out with Ricky more often, but he never seemed to be in town. 

He finally came up an escalator, donned in a tailored navy blue suit, and a carry-on, in hand.

"Someone is sharp!"

He tugged at his collar, "You know how I do."

"How was your trip?"

He offered to take my duffle bag off of my arm, "A few venture capitalist meetings. We haven't gotten anything big yet, but we're zooming in on a company out in Silicon Valley."

"Sounds exciting."

He smiled, as we walked out into the city breeze, "You're exciting." 

He opened his cell phone, signaled a Uber, and made a quick call. 

"Leann, listen, did you reserve River Cafe? Okay, good. Cancel that meeting. I'm going to have dinner there with someone else. I know, I know. It's been a stressful day. Thank you." 

I always found something inauthentic about men who could press a button and buy romance. I was grateful that we were going to such an awesome place, but I couldn't help but compare the moment with the authenticity of Travis' picnic. 

"Does 7-9pm work for you? I've got a work call at 9:15 pm."


"I'll put you in a cab home when we're done eating."

He got back on the phone with Leann and went over work details while we got into the car. I listened to him talk about his meetings in DC, the entire way to Brooklyn. 

Did he just pencil me in?

Travis ran across the park, with my phone. We'd just left the Brooklyn Museum, and he thought it'd be funny to steal my phone and take off.

"That's what you get for posting on social media when you're supposed to be on a date!"

I ran after him, "I have to let my public know I'm at First Saturdays."

He stopped moving to laugh, "Your public! That's what wrong with your generation."

"Travis, you're three years older than me."

"Three more glorious and fantastic years; three mature years."

I grabbed for my phone as he held it in the air, inches taller than me, "Give it to me!"

He tickled my side, and I fell into a nearby bench. I caught my breath while he sat next to me and continued to stare at my phone.

"Oh, I see you still have the Bae app on here."

"Should I delete it?"

He kissed my cheek, "You do what you want."

He opened the app, and it started to load.

I reached for my phone again, while he held me back, "What are you doing?!"

"I want to see what kind of guys you've been talking to on here."

I gave up, "Go ahead. You won't find much."

His eyebrows rose, "What is thissss?"

He pointed to a picture of a guy I'd been messaging. He wore a huge afro and had a very bohemian look to him.

He scrolled through the pictures, "You like those artsy guys huh?"

"He's okay."

"Clearly! You're out with me."

I finally succeeded in snatching my phone from him, "Thank you!"

"If you'd like to get back to messaging all those subpar guys, by all means."

I playfully punched him in the shoulder, "You're so cute when you get jealous."

Travis pulled me in by my coat's lapels and kissed me full on the lips, our first ever, "I have nothing to be jealous of."