Friday, November 27, 2015

If No One Has Told You: The Column

Last year, I started the website I was in over my head, trying to maintain my first website, a full-time director position, and the new venture. Although it was an incredible concept, one that garners the HIGHEST views on, I've decided to delete the site, and I'm bringing the idea of #ifnoonehastoldyou here, via a column that will allow writers to write love letters to all other millennials facing trial and tribulation.

#IfNoOneHasToldYou started out as a way to remind myself of all of the things I was worth. It began as short quotes in my journal that eventually made their way to my social media. After the quotes had started to go viral, I realized how many women yearned to know that someone else was facing the same issues they were.

#IfNoOneHasToldYou is a movement. It's so you know that you're not alone, in your experience. Read previous columns here: 


If you'd like to contribute, please email your work to: 

Need an example of what we're looking for? Go here: