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Guest Author: Voodoo Man, Part 3

Each week you'll be able to read a new installment from unique aspiring authors. This tale is from Deja L. Jones. Enjoy! 

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Chapter Three

It was 10:04am and June was running late. She had a half hour to get dressed, hail a cab and make it to JFK airport before she would miss her flight. The sun crept in through an opening in her sheer white curtains instantly blinding her. As she dashed from her bed, she was soon hit with the reality of the amounts of liquor she had consumed the night before over dinner with her friends. Although it was hard for her to spill that bit of tragic news to her friends, she did look forward to the vacation and time away from her now semi empty apartment.
Trevor didn’t live with her, but he did spend a great deal of nights at her apartment given his roommate situation so, he kept most of his belongings with her. She came home from dinner last night to find all of his things gone and his key left on the coffee table on top of her collection of women’s magazines. He certainly hadn’t wasted any time. June decided it was better that way to avoid any awkward and extremely emotional run-ins with him. She realized it wasn’t so much the absence of Trevor that hurt; truth is she knew he wasn’t good for her anymore. He wasn’t the same guy she fell in love with. She realized that she was lonely for the first time in six years and that’s what made her sad. She didn’t know how to date, or pursue men. If a guy pursued her, what would she do?
She rushed to the bathroom and spilled all of her guts into the toilet. She hadn’t realized she drank so much, but then she remembered that coming home to an empty apartment encouraged her to pop open a bottle of tequila and drink herself to sleep. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as she struggled to get up. Her house phone rang but she knew she wouldn’t catch it so she let it go to voicemail.
*beep* “Hey girl! It’s Deanna; I hope you didn’t answer because you’re on your way to JFK! Anyway, my flight touches down in NOLA at 12 noon. I haven’t heard from Rice and Kyle this morning, but we hope you have fun on the way! See ya soon.” *beep*
June brushed her teeth, gargled, popped an Advil and flipped on some tunes to get ready. She was down to twenty minutes and still had to make it through security check. She knew there was no way she would make the flight unless by some divine intervention. It was Saturday and June knew traffic would be terrible, so she requested an Uber on standby and dashed for the shower. The warm water melted her soul and washed away all of last night’s funk and emotions. She felt a burden lift from her and she decided she would have the time of her life at the Mardi gras.
After her shower, she laid out a pair of fitted jeans she knew would accentuate her curves, a form fitting sweater and a pair of wedge boots. It was chilly in New York City and she hoped that it would be a bit warmer in New Orleans. She fluffed her fro as the Uber alerted her to her car arrival. She had already packed the previous night before drinking herself to sleep, so she was ready in less than fifteen minutes, but that only left her five minutes to get to JFK and she knew she was doomed. Her friends would be waiting for her, so she decided to call Rice because she wasn’t in the mood for Deanna’s judgement and parenting.
“Hello? Girl where are you?!” Rice exclaimed.
“I’m just getting in the Uber, I’ll probably have to catch the next flight out and meet up with you guys at the hotel.”
“You mean the AirBnb house. Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, I just overslept. I didn’t realize I drank so much.”
“You only had the grapefruit martini and tequila though. Don’t tell me you’re getting soft on me June.” Rice laughed. June decided she wouldn’t disclose that she had drunk half a bottle of tequila on her own last night.
“No. I’m good.” June laughed.
“Well, alright babe. Let me know what’s up with the flight and I’ll see you in the bayous.”
They said their goodbyes and June decided she would relax a bit and take the next flight out. She rolled down her window and put in her earbuds and laid back to some of the happy tunes of Hall and Oates. The 70’s duo always cheered her up and made her long for an era she wasn’t even from. It didn’t matter that she was stuck in traffic or that she was missing her first flight to NOLA, or that she was going without a beau or that her friends would rub it in her face being the fifth wheel. In that moment, she was at peace in the hustle of New York City.
After what felt like an eternity of weaving in and out of traffic and through side streets and highways they had finally pulled up to the drop off area at the airport. She only had one luggage bag and a carry on, so she figured she could manage alone. Her flight had long departed so she needed to make another flight reservation which she knew wouldn’t be easy since it was Mardi Gras and everyone would be going there. As she approached the ticket desk, she noticed the ticket rep was a fine chocolate man. The last guy she even noticed was Trevor, but this guy had bulging arms perturbing from his short sleeve shirt. The shirt was so tight his massive chest could barely contain it. June’s eyes traced the lining of his sharp jawline. His complexion was like a special edition of Hershey’s.
“Good afternoon Miss. What can I do for you?” His voice was of the baritone. It was deep as his hue in melanin.
“Umm...Yeah I missed my flight to New Orleans thirty minutes ago.” June looked at her watch and hoped that he would be able to accommodate her.
“Yikes, sorry to hear that. We’re all booked until tomorrow morning.”
“Please there has to be something else. I’m supposed to meet friends there today for a vacation.”
“And they didn’t wake you to make sure you were on time?”
“No, no it was my fault.” June didn’t like the questioning. “Can you help me or not?”
“We do have a seat in first class; you would have to upgrade your original ticket.”
“I’ll take it.” June pulled out her ticket and credit card. “You can charge it.” She read his name tag. His name was Patrick. He didn’t look like a Patrick. He smiled as he scanned her ticket and swiped her card.
“You’re all set. Flight leaves in another thirty minutes. Is there anything else I can do? Dinner? Your number maybe?”
June giggled. She was fresh out of a long term relationship and didn’t think it was a good idea to move on so quickly, but it couldn’t hurt to have a little fun she thought. She wrote her number on the back of a flight pamphlet and handed it to Patrick.
“I’m June by the way.” She said as she threw her carry on over her shoulder. He extended his hand.

“Patrick. Nice to meet you June.” She grabbed her rolling luggage bag and headed towards her boarding area. She started to feel great already. What better way to experience the single life for the first time than in the city of New Orleans during Mardi gras. She thought that her experience would make for a great article on getting her groove back while on vacation, but it seemed a little Terry McMillan cliche. June was a writer, or at least that’s what she wanted to be. She worked as an ad exec for a publishing company and put in a request to be moved to editorial. She figured it would be a change from the ad work she always found herself buried under.
She looked at the flight pamphlet with Patrick's number on it and thought it would also be a change to saturate the emotional drought she's been in. 


Deja is a lifestyle writer and digital content creator for some of your favorite sites such as Madame Noire and Upscale Magazine. When she's not writing loves getting lost in the world of fiction specifically crime, mysteries and thrillers. She believes that sometimes the best and cheapest vacations are in between the pages of a new book.

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