Column: If No One Has Told You


"You are no one’s wait-around, no life-on-pause. You are no written journal entry, no spout of transcribed emotion when you could be soaking in warmth. You are no Netflix and Chinese, on the first date. You are no convenience. You are no this-is-my-homegirl, when you’re madly in love. You are no sight through the slits of a high school locker, your male best friend kissing his gorgeous girlfriend like you one-day want to be necked. You are no first times on floors, or anywhere else besides a bed. You are no over analyzing. You are no jealousy. You are no dwelling on what could’ve been. You are no tracing of tongue along undeserving earlobes. You are no one-word text message. Okay? You are no avoided confrontation via any technology that reeks of you-weren’t-man-enough-to-do-this-face-to-face. You are no string along; no wait-for-me-to-get-my-shit-together. You are no I-love-the-both-of-you. You are no side chick, mistress, or imaginary friend. You are no abortion or miscarriage, all alone."

Meet the movement. 
Meet the movement of millennial women. 
Meet the movement of millennial women writing love letters to other millennial women.

Letting them know they're not alone. 
Confiding their secrets, to sisters they know have been there.
Scribing trial and tribulation. 

We're looking for women writers, with unique prose and a clear and concise style, for the #IfNoOneHasToldYou column. We want to empower the experience of the millennial woman, through memoir/prose that evokes the spirit. We all need to hear that trauma and loss are overcome and triumphed. Any work you submit should have the power of relation and healing. Here's how you can be considered:


  • Must write beautiful prose. 
  • Must be 800+ words.
  • Must be able to edit your own work.


  • Please read the site, to get an idea of what we're looking for. 
    • Stories, with a light at the end of the tunnel.
    • No memory is too BIG or too small.
    • Every triumph you have is relatable to some woman, somewhere.
    • We'd like to hear about: love. career, family, hobbies, balance, etc. 
  • Send us a piece of work that talks about triumph over tribulation, that adheres to the guidelines above. It can be fiction/nonfiction/memoir. (Please signify what genre it is.) 
  • Send us a small writing bio. 3-5 sentences.
  • Send us a pic of yourself! Must be bigger than 720px. 
  • Send to:

Get a better sense of what we're looking for, by reading prior entries, here.

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